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TouchStar TS3000

Although designed to be used as a mounted in-vehicle device, the TouchStar TS3000 (ATEX certified) uses its innovative quick-release cradle to allow your mobile workforce to quickly detach it and use it as a rugged mobile tablet. Designed and manufactured in the UK by us we’ve poured our three decades of experience, industry knowledge and highly regarded track record into this device to provide a low cost ownership, highly reliable mobile solution suitable for use in multiple industry and logistics applications.

The TS3000 has been rigorously tested in extreme temperatures to provide a rugged tablet suitable for consistent long term daily use. It has an impact resistant casing which is flame retardant and the device itself is completely protected against infiltration of oil, water and dust with an IP65 rating. The screen is impact resistant (the device itself is drop tested onto concrete from 1.5m), works with gloves and has signature capture allowing input via touch and stylus.

To top off this rugged tablet’s features it comes with a rear camera, 2D imager, Bluetooth and a host of connectivity options including USB, SD card slots and headset input as well as GPS connector for external antenna. We offer a host of additional accessories including rugged in-vehicle cradles, chargers and cable assemblies.

This is an excellent, high-end rugged tablet that’s ATEX certified available with comprehensive support options and extended warranties. If you need help making a decision as to which rugged mobile solution you need or are bulk purchasing our experts are on hand to provide free advice.

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GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, Battery, ATEX

Mfr Part # 2690781/002/1040163

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GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, Battery, Barcode Imager, Camera, ATEX

Mfr Part # 2690780/002/1040163

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Powered Cradle with GPRS/GPS Antenna

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5 Year e-Service Support Contract

Mfr Part # 5E1002

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3 Year e-Service Support Contract

Mfr Part # 3E1001

Our Price: £390.00Get best prices now
TouchStar TS3000



Dimensions – 200mm (W) x 45mm (D) x 130mm (H)
Weight – 900g
Case – Impact resistant, flame retardant
Case Material – UV stabilised polycarbonate
Internal Chassis – Mounted on rubber shock absorbers

Display Specification

7” Colour TFT, Anti-Glare, 16:9 Ratio, Wide 16:9 WVGA
800 x 480 pixels, LED Backlit, Direct Sunlight Readable


High Impact Polycarbonate,
Resistive – Glove operable – Signature capture

Audio Specifications

High Power Speaker

Performance Specification

Processor – TI OMAP 800MHz - 1GHz

Memory / Storage Specifications

256MB NAND Flash – Standard - 512MB Option
256MB Low Power DDR RAM - 512MB Option

Power Specification

9 to 26V DC, 580mA (typical @ 12V) - 1700mA

Communication and Interface Ports

2 x Micro SD Card,
SD Card – SDIO, USB 2.0 OTG, SIM Card Socket

Internal Battery Backup

Single Lithium Ion cell, 1200mAh, 4.6Wh

Removable Rechargeable Battery

Main Battery Removable 7.4V 4200mAh, 31Wh

Cradle Interface

USB 2.0 Host, RS232 - 9pin (TX, RX, CTS, RTS, DTR, DSR,
CD, RI), CAN Bus, Ethernet 10/100Base-T, Microphone
input, Speaker/Headset output, HSPA connector for external
antenna (switched), GPS connector for external antenna
(switched), Cradle Charge Detect, Power Input 10.25V


802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)

GPS Module Performance

Multi-GNSS receiver, GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS,
Hot Start < 1Ss - Cold Start < 35s, NMEA

3G HSPA Module – Mobile Broadband

HSPA+ 7.2 Mbps downlink - 5.7 Mbps Uplink


Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Hands Free Audio Interface support

Rear Camera

3M Pixel



Expansion Port

Additional RS232 RX, TX, RTS, CTS

Scanner/Imager Options

Imager 1D - 2D

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7,
Application Support Package, Full Dialler Application –
Bluetooth, Full Range of Mobile Applications

Operating Temperature

-20˚C to +50˚C

Storage Temperature

-30˚C to +70˚C


1.5m drop onto Concrete




4 Gang Battery Charger, In-Vehicle Cradle & Cable
assemblies, Expansion Hub & Cable assemblies,
Smart Hub & Cable assemblies




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