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Industrial Computers for the Transportation Industry

TouchStar have been working in rugged mobile computers for the transportation industry for over three decades. We provide cost efficient, smarter working rugged tablets, scanners and in-vehicle devices across all parts of the logistics industry. The efficient and reliable integration of information flow right from material handling through to transportation is critical. Our rugged mobile products provide the capacity to do this rapidly and consistently.

Whether your business works in material handling, production, packaging or transportation we can provide units to your location pre-configured and ready to be used by your workforce. Alongside this we can offer you

accidental damage cover and on-site installation by one of our qualified and experienced engineers. Whether you’re looking for replacement hardware, upgraded ruggedised devices or broader integration services we can help.

We offer extremely competitive prices on all our devices helping minimise procurement costs. Our experts are just a phone call away to help you choose the right products for your logistics needs enabling your workforce and business implement technology that improves efficiency throughout the management of your logistics and supply chain. Call us today and talk to our experts about rugged mobile computers for the logistics industry.